Lite-On in partnership with Marvell to develop new SSD technology

Lite-On targets growing SSD market with increased investment and a formal development partnership with Marvel

June 2, 2011

The world's leading optical storage provider, Lite-On, and one of the leading global suppliers of semiconductor chips, Marvell (United States), announce a long-term product development partnership for SSDs. The two companies previously worked together for the world premiere of HyperDuo technology, which they demonstrated for the first time at the 2011 Taipei International Computer Show (Computex – 2011).

HyperDuo technology allows a single controller to simultaneously control both an SSD and an HDD, combining the advantages of both storage devices – the SSD’s high speed and the mass storage of the HDD. The system lets users enjoy high-performance, low-cost storage solutions without compromising on capacity.

Lite-On officially entered the SSD market last year, and made public their already massive investment in SSD research and development. This was followed by the launch of a series of market-leading SSD products which offered the high-speed SATA-6GB / s interface on a wide range of form factors. Through close cooperation with Marvell, Lite-On’s products continue to push the boundaries of SSD technology. Marvell is a world-leading semiconductor manufacturer, providing storage and communications solutions. They have a pivotal position in the global controller market; contributing to and leading the evolution of the SATA interface. Lite-On has established a solid manufacturing foundation after years of cooperation with the world's leading computer brands. They have a complete global sales structure and have devoted significant research and development resources into the development of SSD. The formal creation of a joint development program will enable sharing of expertise, experience and resources. The result of which will be faster and highly efficient, next-generation SSD storage devices for computer supply chains; leading to further increases in global market share, improving brand awareness, and in turn creating a win-win business model.

Lite-On has had a specialized SSD research and development section since the end of 2008. As part of this, they have assembled a large team of dedicated firmware experts, allowing them to create features such as advanced Global Wear Leveling, which effectively enhances performance and extends the life of SSD, and Instant Restore technology. The exclusive Instant Restore technology is able to overcome the serious problem of long-term SSD slowdown and allows drives to maintain high performance throughout their operational lifetime.

Lite-On is committed to increasing its high investment in SSD research and development in order to release more products that not only offer cutting edge performance, but also long life and high stability. Their further development plans include tripling the size of their SSD research and development team by the end of 2012.